Garden of Lust

“You fair and wild flower bunch, I shall play with you, shalt you release the angels.” (Richard Wagner, Parsifal)

In the Garden of Lust Marianne Vlaschits and Fanni Futterknecht punish artificial flowers and plants in fetishistic manner for their enticing beauty. Inspired by the picture “Le Chevalier aux Fleurs” by George Rochegrosse, in which the molestation of Parsifal through flower maids is depicted, the installation evokes a humid atmosphere of delicate pastel colors and exclusive materials such as plastic and styrofoam. Nature as a whore seduces the victim to engage in aggressive actions of lust. The bodies of the performers mutate into anonymous penetrators that drill through holes, spurt liquid, cut leaves, suck on stems.The longing becomes a brutal battle between nature and the artificial. 
A collaboration with Fanni Futterknecht 



Photos: Christian Bazant-Hegemark