If I can't fuck, it's not my revolution

‘In December 2012 I painted a mural of an approximate size of 75 sqm in the Viennese club “Grelle Forelle”. The choice of motif and theme were entirely up to my personal artistic musings. Due to the club being situated directly next to the Donaukanal (“Danube Canal”) and its name “Grelle Forelle” (which translates to “Garish Trout”) I decided to take up the subject “water” in my work. Furthermore, the designed corridor is conceived as some sort of winter garden and the wall is halfway built up of sound-absorbing glass tiles, resulting in the room’s appearance of a swimming pool or a fish tank. Another inspiration was drawn from the purpose of the club itself—wild parties that may last well into the next morning.The idea to this mural struck me whilst reading the paper “The arrival of Dionysus” by Burghard Dedner, in which the author draws comparisons between the Women’s March on Versailles during the French Revolution, which was led by the so-called “fishwives”, and the ancient Greek tragedy “The Bacchae” by the Athenian playwright Euripides. On the one hand, the motive of the furious, ruthless women is the political overthrow during the Revolution, on the other hand, we see the Bacchantes worshipping the god of ecstasy within their orgies—both movements being led by the idea of a utopia. And every utopia is doomed to failure.’

Grelle Forelle

Photos: Lukas Gansterer