Marianne Vlaschits lives and works in Vienna, Austria. In her work she explores the relationship between outer space and the human body. Interweaving celestial objects with bodily orifices and scientific illustrations with everyday intimate experiences she translates her surreal compositions into the language of painting. Drawing her inspiration from astrophysical research and a rich history of female painters she creates strange worlds on the brink of abstraction.

She received her masters from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and has since exhibited her work internationally. Recent exhibitions include "Danger Season" at la BEAST, Los Angeles; "On Beauty", Galerie Crone, Vienna, „Orbs and Awe“ at L’Inconnue, New York, “Wells of Wisdoms“, MeetFactory, Prague 2022, „Auroras“, Galerie Sophia Vonier, Salzburg 2021, „Contrology“, Kunstraum Riehen, Basel 2021, „Gates“, Eve Leibe Gallery, London 2021, „A Body That Lasts“, Galerie 5020 Salzburg; “A Construction Site of Extraordinary Feelings”, The Breeder Gallery, Athens 2020; „The Magnetic Spell“, Suzie Shride, Vienna 2020, “Stone Telling”, Kunstraum NÖ, 2019 Vienna. Vlaschits has received numerous awards and grants for her work, including the Bildrecht Award in 2020, and a studio grant by the Federal Government in Austria.