Malibu Sunrise

In the installation Malibu Sunrise Vlaschits addresses the fake and kitschy pictorial world that often gets evoked by notions of the South, beach life and exotic beach boys. Conglomerated out of emblematic imagery, light, and a variety of objects and materials, the setting of the installation consists of a painterly modified beach landscape that meanders into the exhibition space. Within it, a performance awakens the scenery to life: Young, male beach beauties loll around in a pool, while an equally youthful tenor performs the aria “This image is enchantingly lovely” from Mozart’s Magic Flute. While in the aria a prince spontaneously falls in love with the portrait of a princess unknown to him, Vlaschits here renders the idea of the exotic as an almost tangible entity. 

Performance on Vimeo

Galerie im Taxispalais

Photos: Rainer Iglar