A disturbance traveling throuch a medium

The Commander wakes up from the tweeting sound of her alarm clock. She crawls out of her bed like a 1000 years old tortoise and she slowly stretches her limbs. She walks through the spaceship's art gallery. The artificial light is a bit too harsh and white for the sunlight it is supposed to imitate. She makes a cup of tea. The Commanders eyes wander through the paintings exposed on the plastic walls. It’s a gallery of all different kind of waves. Radiowaves, gravitational waves, sound waves but also material waves like earthquakes or sea waves. Waves are a disturbance traveling through a medium. Like she is. She enjoys to look at art while drinking her tea. She likes to let her mind wander while being locked in this metallic box. She passes the sculpture garden with the sculptures of the 4 first female astronauts going to Mars. They are dressed in their original blue suits, this always makes her think of Renaissance Virgin Mary. The lines of their faces are simplified, like iconic, pre-historic female goddesses. She always has to think of cave women hunting for mammoths. She goes straight to the observation deck. She operates the windows towards the core of the Milky Way, where a gigantic black hole is hidden behind a huge cloud of gas. She sits down on her commander chair and sips on the tea. The tea is kicking in. The Stars begin to vibrate and dance around before her eyes. She feels a rush of excitement running up her spine. Will she talk to me today?

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Photos: Joachim Schulz