Big Feet

The first time I was entering this place called „La Musery“ I was looking for something I could connect to. It’s a former shop for transvestites, crossdressers and trans*women and transgender women. They sold women’s clothes, shoes and underwear designed for men. Nowadays the shop is still filled with those clothes and also contains furniture and several art objects. Every week a transgender group holds a meeting there and once a month it’s used for art exhibitions. What grabbed my attention immediately was the storage room filled with glamorous shoes, especially high heels, in large sizes. I was told how hard it is for men to find nice women’s shoes in their size. Suddenly the connection I had to this place was clear to me. I have big feet too (size 41) and quite often it was always difficult for me to get the shoes that I wanted. Your feet are your anchor to the earth. A fleshy, bony resistance against gravity. Don’t let them drag you down. People should love big feet. Shoes are also the pedestal for the body. Some artworks need big and heavy pedestals. Made of gold and marble. With precious stones and glitter. Some need elegant black and shiny gloss. Or colors as fresh as a flower. Whatever is blooming beneath your bottom, will let your head grow to the sun.

La Musery

Photos: David Rabeder