I Swim Through A River Of Stars, To Drown In The Ocean Of Space

The installation tells the story of an adolescent girl, who dreams of becoming a space traveller one day. It consists of seven small paintings of  extraterrestrial landscapes, a barbell covered in candy chains, a Stargate made of swimming-pool-like PVC-floor, decorated with artificial flowers, tiny frogs and the quote „Death drive is my Warp drive“ written on its surface, a vase with black and silver flowers standing next to the Stargate, a human-sized plush-toy tardigrade (the only known animal to survive in space) holding a female astronaut figure in a painted helmet and a customized suit by Austrian designer Ferrari Zöchling, with a laser sword and a laser gun lying next to her hands, a small sculpture made of candy UFOs and a glass vase and as central piece a digitally crafted image of a fictional space haven scene printed on silk (1300cmx280cm). Spaceship White Noise is played as background music. A distorted star field is painted on one side of the black wall, it leads the visitors eye from the Stargate into deep space. 


Photos: Tomáš Souček