Venus City

On their journey through the galaxy, the anonymous commander and her female crew are finally homing on the floating city hovering above the clouds. Like bubbles the transparent gas balloons glide rhythmically up and down on the Venus’ cloudy fogg. These vitreous microworlds called HAVOC (high altitude venus operational concept) describe a still hypothetic but nonetheless feasible project by NASA to inhabit the atmosphere of the orange planet due to its earth-like physical properties.
Inaugurated with “A disturbance traveling through a medium“ at Duve Galerie in Berlin in September 2016 “Venus City” at Kevin Space sequels the astronauts’ journey and exploration of new models of living together. A labyrinth-like, airy spatial installation enfolded by the sound of siren calls rises above the fog layer. They are not simply castles built in the air – this manifestation of Venus City adheres an invitation to re-examine the borderlines and intersections between utopia and vision: when the doom of a patriarchal world order seems more dystopic than the doom of mankind itself, the images that we can sense of the future draw the limits of our political imagination.

Press release

Kevin Space

Photos: Georg Petermichl
Sound: Rana Faharani