Wet Paradise

Cast your anchor and rest, celebrate your need for relaxation and practice the art of catching the perfect wave. Find your inner balance through the techniques of surfing and the power of water. Inspired by the three surfboards in her second name and the knowledge she gained from one of the lakes in Stockholm during the summer holiday, Ivana Králíková visited Vienna for 13 days to build a spiritual wellness center together with Marianne Vlaschits. Vlaschits gained her inspiration from journeys through the Caribbean and along Central American coasts, she is interested in male physiques in wet surroundings. Water is an important source for finding one’s own rhythm. This is why water is a key player in WET PARADISE. As soon as you enter through the waterfall you will shed part of your daily routine. The burden of everyday life will just drift to the bottom of the glowing pool. And once in the grotto, thoughts and worries will dissolve completely. The sound and vibrations of the water will take away what you no longer want to carry around with you. You swim on, breathe a sigh of relief, and find yourself. This is how it should be. The surf area is laid out like a long shore line. Follow it, and you will be amazed: tanned bodies, big waves, sea foam and flashy boards are waiting to be discovered. Collected on a fake beach scenery, the water invites you to enjoy, let go and float. WET PARADISE offers plenty of ideas for your enjoyment, many more than you would ever dream of!

Collaboration with Ivana Králíková


Photos: Alexander Nussbaumer